Welcome to Harvey's Sheet Music Collection

I have a collection of approximately 3000 original Popular Song Music sheets dating from the late 1800's through the 1960's. All sheets include the covers, which I am most interested in, and the music. I classify the condition of the sheets as excellent, good or fair. Excellent is a sheet that does not have any tears or blemishes and is frameable. Good may have names of previous owners in label, pen or pencil and/or some other blemishes but otherwise in good shape. Fair may have slight corner tears, taped binder or taped worn areas. The collection does not include any poor condition sheets. I would consider selling any of my duplicate sheets if someone were interested in purchasing. If you have any interest in a particular sheet or sheets you can contact me by email at Harvey Maslowe

I have established the following fields:

  • Song Title
  • Show or Movie Title in which the song was played
  • Composers of Lyrics and Music...last names only
  • Year Published
  • Publishing Company
  • Cover Artist...if known
  • Cover Celebrity(s) - Last names if multiple persons on the cover
  • Condition of the Sheet (Excellent, Good, Fair)
  • Price Reference - If the sheet is included in the "Reference & Price Guide of 1995"
  • Sheet Image - Pictures of Sheet covers

Searching the database is possible via all fields except the Sheet Image field

Further information can be obtained by sending an Email to: Harvey Maslowe

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